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Google Maps is available on Android and offers all the usual features of the Google service, plus the addition of a GPS feature which makes it impossible to get lost in a big city. Actually, between Google Maps and a GPS, it would be impossible to get lost anywhere in the world.

As is the case with these kinds of applications, you’ll need to be connected to the Internet via 3G to download maps in real time. You can also use the GPS function to watch your position on the map as you move.

By the numbers, Google Maps has information and maps for over 200 countries, information on public transportation in more than 15,000 cities, and detailed information on more than 100 million sites. Yes, that’s right, 100 million.

Included in its many options, Google Maps allows you to choose a destination and plan the shortest route to it by different means of transportation. For example, you can ask the application to find the quickest route using public transportation, or you can search for the best route by foot.

Google Maps is an essential app for any Android user that likes to travel...or just leave the house. Thanks to this application, it is almost impossible to get lost. The only problem is that once you get used to it, you won’t be able to live without it.
Reviewed by Andrés López

Frequent questions

How do I check my timeline on Google Maps?

To check your timeline on Google Maps, tap your profile image, then tap "timeline." There, you can see all the locations you've visited and the routes you've taken since enabling this feature.

How do I add a stop to my route on Google Maps?

To add a stop to your route on Google Maps, start with the initial route, then tap the magnifying glass to search for a new location. Tap the "Add" option, and the GPS will automatically recalculate the route.

How do I create a list of locations on Google Maps?

To create a list of locations on Google Maps, tap the "Saved" tab, then "New list." You can also search for a specific place, then tap "save" to generate a list with that location.

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Package Name
License Free
Op. System Android
Category Travel and Transportation
Language English
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Author Google Inc.
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Date Aug 18th, 2022
Content Rating +3
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layada in 2021

MOVE from their homes for You can do to get the first half but the same way

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mohma2345d in 2021

It does not serve society in a fair way

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remofy in 2021

Very good

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hafsa001hassouni in 2021

Biased application

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gentlebluehorse42012 in 2021

Excellent experience app 👍

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